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Bunker Construction provides the following services. If you do not see a particular service or need more information, please call us at 262-696-4923 or email us from the Contact Us page. Bunker Construction uses the highest quality products. We can find products you may have in mind through our strong alliance with the many vendors we are established with. Their knowledge is a valuable resource to call on to find a particular item and to help determine the best fit for your home and budget.

  • Construction & Remodeling Services
  • Windows Installation & Service
  • Home Improvements
  • Additions
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Design & Remodeling Contractors
  • General Garage Builders
  • Home Builders
  • Patio & Deck Builders
  • Siding Contractors

Phases of Construction

Bunker Construction is a full service building/remodeling company.  Before you do any type of construction project, let us help you do it right the first time.   We will guide you through all phases of construction.

We meet with you to discuss the full scope of your project.  What are you trying to achieve and what is the ultimate goal?  Is the project for short-term benefit or a long-term investment?  Would this project be part of a larger plan to be done in phases? What is the time frame for completion?

Design & Development:
You’ll meet with a designer to work on preliminary drawings.  Space and function are discussed along with interior design.  How do you want the space to look and feel?  Our designer will implement these ideas by guiding your choices of materials and products to fit your lifestyle and budget. 

Final Phase:
After all the information is collected, a comprehensive written proposal is presented.   Plan design, material and product selections, and budget are finalized.   Upon your approval, the construction timeline is set and the project begins.

To Request a Quote or to get additional information, please go to our Contact Us page.